Deliver and Grow: Spotlight on Value

Introducing Deliver and Grow, our brand new insights report series for delivery businesses.

Our first edition, Spotlight on Value, is all about delivering what customers want: value for money. Download to:

  • Discover how value for money is shaping customer decisions
  • Learn how to provide value for money through our value action strategies
  • Hear from businesses like yours that are providing a great delivery experience

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The predicted value of the food delivery market by the end of 2023


Of UK adults use food delivery at least once per week


Deliveroo customers say value for money is important when choosing a restaurant

A growing industry

Food delivery is an ever-growing industry, expected to grow to £14bn by the end of 2023. Read Deliver and Grow to learn more about the delivery industry and the consumer landscape.

Hungry for value, spoilt for choice

With 77% of casual dining brands now offering delivery, consumers are spoilt for choice. 85% of Deliveroo customers said value for money is important when choosing a restaurant. But what does value for money mean to them, and what can your business do to deliver value? With insights from our customers and guidance on delivery best-practices, our report gives you the tools you need to grow your business and reach more customers.

Partner Stories

Now you know what value for money means to delivery customers, it’s time to experience it in action. Meet our partners who are providing a great customer experience with delivery.