Get diners back in the mix

Learn more about what we’re doing to support our partners, and how you can manage in-house sales alongside your Deliveroo ‘opening hours’.

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Your reopening 'checklist'


1. Opening hours

Make sure yours cover your busiest times for delivery, even if you plan to change your Deliveroo opening hours.

2. Smooth handovers

Your risk assessment will help you decide where to use signage or tape. A floor plan and staff training will make sure everyone's in the right place.

3. Free staff tests

You're entitled to request free rapid lateral flow tests (even for staff with no symptoms) until 30 June 2021. You need to register for these by 12 April.

4. Contact-free booking & payment

Table Service can help you to reduce movement around your business, take payment and tips as well as record customer information. 

0% commission, with a 2% service fee - it's a great way to manage your dine-in customer orders, alongside deliveries. 

5. Not all customers are dining-in yet

Why not edit your menu to offer meal 'bundles' or a selection of popular, easy-prep dishes - to support group ordering, for all customer types.

We promote these Meal deals and offers to local customers, with 'always on' traditional and digital marketing.

Make the most of your opening hours

You know when your customers are hungry, because orders start coming thick and fast. Making sure your busiest delivery times are covered by updating your Deliveroo opening hours.

Try scheduled orders to keep dine-in, delivery and Pickup customers happy.

We're re-enabling Table Service 

From 12 April in England, we're switching back on our contact-free payment, ordering and tipping service. If you've enabled it, customers will be able to use the Deliveroo app to order in your bar or restaurant.
To request access, log in to Restaurant Hub and use the 'Help' feature to contact the team. We'll take it from there.

UK Government advice & obligations

Make sure you're up to date with the latest guidelines, and legal obligations by visiting

A few things to remember:

- Do not allow staff who present symptoms to enter your business
- Minimise your team's contact with customers, riders and other staff 
- It's your obligation to collect data, with or without NHS track and trace
- On 12 April you can serve food in outdoor areas only, make sure you’re prepared 

Register by 12 April to get free rapid lateral flow tests for you and your staff - even if none of you have symptoms.

Meal deals and offers

Offers and meal deal 'bundles' can increase your chance of getting in front of new customers.

Use Menu Manager in Restaurant Hub, to create your meal deal - a great way to reach families and larger groups who don't manage to get a reservation with you. 

Marketer offers are also available to all partners in Hub.

Socially-distanced high fives AKA customer tipping

We’ve made some changes to our app, allowing customers to give you (and the rider) a tip as part of their payment.

Learn more here

How do customers feel about dine-in?

Lockdown easing across the UK is welcome news to us all - we know from our research from earlier in the year, that most customers are optimistic too. 

When you're thinking about your customer offering, consider that not all customers intend to return to dine in straight away.

85% of customers surveyed in our Share of Stomach report planned to continue using Delivery for the next few months. 

Watch the Share of Stomach webinar