Our COVID-19 advice for you

We take the safety of our restaurant partners, riders and customers incredibly seriously. We're actively monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are taking measures to keep our communities safe.

Read our safety and hygiene advice

UK government support

On 11th May, the Government published detailed guidance on how businesses - including restaurants - that are operating during lockdown or planning to reopen should work safely during this crisis. If you’re unable to find the information you need, we can help - email us at policyhelp@deliveroo.co.uk

Helping you re-opening your business

It’s our business to make sure you and your staff, as well as riders and customers are being looked after. We’ve just changed payments to you from bi-weekly to daily payout to help your cash flow - read our daily payments from our FAQ. To keep us all safe, we’ve created guides for contact-free deliveries as well as guides for running a delivery-only kitchen

Strategies to trade out of the pandemic including help with negotiations with stakeholders including landlords

During this period of uncertainty, we know that paying rent is, and will remain, a key challenge for restaurant partners. We have partnered with law firm Goodwin and property consultant Shelley Sandzer to produce a series of practical guides that will support conversations with your landlord around your rent obligations. Our guides cover:

Donate meals to NHS staff

We’re bringing meals to NHS workers. If you'd like to donate meals to NHS staff battling Coronavirus, email heretodeliver@deliveroo.co.uk and we’ll reply with full details and next steps. We’re already working with a range of partners who have given generously so far to help make this possible. Thank you to: Pizza Hut, German Doner Kebab, ITSU and Neat Burger.

Let customers know you're open for business

Use our #heretodeliver hashtag to remind customers know that you’re still open for deliveries. We’ve provided images and videos to help you promote your restaurant on social media. You can also use Marketer to promote your deliveries to new and existing customers in the app. Find out more about our in-app promotion tool, Marketer or log into Hub to try it out. 

More ways to promote your business

Now, on Instagram, you can add food order options to your profile and Stories. If you are open for delivery, you can now add an “Order Now” button to your Instagram profile and by using a new food order sticker in Stories. Learn more about how to add the "Order Now" here.

Keep your packaging and supply costs down

We've heavily reduced our Deliveroo packaging costs and our food procurement team is working to support restaurants experiencing supply chain issues, get in touch with the team. Our food procurement isn't designed to make a direct profit - we help source your supplies, leveraging our scale and contacts on your behalf.