Get more orders with our Pickup service

Pickup helps you to get more orders and gives customers a chance to see your restaurant in person. Just like with riders, handovers to customers will be contact-free, maintaining safety for all.


Drive more orders with Pickup

Today more than ever, offering customers more ways to order your delicious food is a priority.

Pickup offers customers a new way to order, letting them collect their meal directly from your restaurant and allowing them to save on delivery costs.

It's also a great way to drive more orders - helping to keep your business running, while complying with government regulations around COVID-19. 

Why we created Pickup

More orders for you

Pickup sales have tripled, generating over 5% of sales for most partners.

Lower fees

12% commission on 
Pickup orders.

All the same kit

No new tech required, Pickup collection will work with your kit.

Build customer relationships

Pickup customers are more likely to return to dine in.

Convenience and safety

Comply with COVID-19 regulations by reducing interactions.

Increased brand awareness

Increased opportunities for customers to discover your brand, in-app and in-store.