Our COVID-19 advice for you

We take the safety of our restaurant partners, riders and customers incredibly seriously. We're actively monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are taking measures to keep our communities safe.

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Safety guidelines and Deliveroo policy

We're operating in an unprecedented and fast-changing environment. We'll stay in touch with you regularly to share our guidance - helping to keep you, your customers and staff safe. Read Deliveroo's latest policy guidance on COVID-19

What you can do to keep your business open

If you're going to have to run a delivery-only kitchen, we've created these measures to ensure the safety of riders, site staff and customers. Read our delivery-only restaurant guidelines here

Let customers know you're open for business

We’ve provided some images and videos to help you tell customers you're 'open for business'. You can use our toolkit in a social media post, to reach new customers or use Marketer to promote deliveries with us to new and existing customers. Find out more about our in-app promotion tool, Marketer or log into Hub to try it out. 

WHO guidelines

You can find the latest World Health Organisation information and the Australian Department of Health. Along with maintaning the strictest possible hygine practices, protection measures also include: social distancing between restaurant staff and riders, double-sealing of delivery bags and contact-free deliveries.